Amman, Jordan 

Amman, the modern and ancient capital of Jordan, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World. The city's modern buildings blend with the remnants of ancient civilizations. The profusion of gleaming white houses, kebab stalls with roasting meat, and tiny cafes where rich Arabian coffee is sipped in the afternoon sunshine, conjure a mood straight from a thousand and one nights.

Amman was known in the Old Testament as Rabbath-Ammon, the capital of the Ammonites around 1200 BC, it was also referred to as "the City of Waters".

Amman's modern history began in the late 19th Century, when the Ottomans resettled a colony of Circassian emigrants in 1878. As the Great Arab Revolt progressed and the State of Transjordan was established, Emir Abdullah ibn Al-Hussein founder of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan made Amman his capital in 1921. Since then, Amman has grown rapidly into a modern, thriving metropolis of well over two million people.

 IREC 2017 will be organized in  Landmark Hotel, Amman - Jordan

The Landmark Amman Hotel is located in the heart of Amman, giving business and leisure travellers easy access to everything Jordan's capital has to offer. 

The hotel is within walking distance of the old city, which boasts hundreds of years of history, and a short taxi ride from popular sites such as the Citadel.  Also within easy reach are all the business and diplomatic hotspots of the city. know more about landmark Amman hotel here




Landmark Amman Hotel 

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