Not presented papers


ID Title Authors Status
14 LED Lighting Design Considerations in Semiconductor Devices Applications marai khalifa absent
29 TREATMENT OF INDUSTRIAL BY-PRODUCTS: CASE OF GAFSA PHOSPHOGYPSUM (TUNISIA) Sana Chouaya, Ammar Mohamed Abbassi, Rached Ben Younes, Souad Abderafi absent
31 Numerical analysis of the heat transfer in a rectangular duct with different ribs' heights and spacing Meriem AJMI, Nidhal Hnaien, Salwa Marzouk, Habib Ben Aissia absent
46 Direct Power Control of a PMSG in Wind Power Conversion System under Faulty Rectifier Conditions Hedi Ben Mahdhi, Hechmi Ben Azza, Mohamed Jemli absent
50 Investigating the Use of Combined Hydrogen, Heat and Power System for Omar AL-Mukhtar University Campus Moutaz Benali, Tarek Hamad, Ahmad Belkhair absent
52 A Two-Rectangular Coils Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle with Photovoltaic Generator Moustapha Elwalaty, Mohamed Jemli, Hechmi Ben Azza absent
61 Experimental characterization of magnetite under thermal cycling:Emergent thermal energy storage material for thermocline energy storage Yousra FILALI BABA, Hamid AJDAD, Ahmed AL MERS, Yaroslav GROSU, Abdessamad FAIK absent
62 Thermocline energy storage: performances evaluation Yousra FILALI BABA, Hamid AJDAD, Ahmed AL MERS, Yaroslav GROSU, Abdessamad FAIK absent
63 Experimental study of a membrane distillation unit coupled to solar energy Sami Mejbri, Khalifa zhani, Habib Ben bacha, Joachim koschikowski, Daniel Pfeifle absent
85 Design of a Human Kinetic Energy Harvesting System for a gym using magnetic induction. Tawanda Mushiri, Ngonidzashe Tukuta absent
93 Study for energy, exergy and entropy in simple and hybrid solar distiller hidouri khaoula, khaled fatma, benhmidene ali, chouachi bechir absent
104 Information and Traditional Knowledge of Medicinal Plants In southwest Algeria (Adrar). Loumani Akil, Braham chaouch wafa, Larbi Ahmed Amine, Mediani Ahmed, Tigani Cherif, Djaber Abdelkarime, Bensoltane Ahmed absent
109 Influence of operating conditions on the pumping action of bubble pump of diffusion-absorption cycles Ali Benhmidene, Bechir Chaouachi absent
119 Design and Intelligent Control of an Inverter for a Photovoltaic System Using the High Frequency Sinusoidal PWM Switching Technique Essaid Ait el maati, Abdellah Boulal, Ahmed Mouhsen, Azeddine Mouhsen absent
158 Impact of Gate Shape on Self-heating Effect in Sub-100 nm MOSFET’s maissa belkhiria, Fraj Echouchene, Nejeh Jaba absent
172 Modeling and numerical simulation of Lagrangian velocity correlations in stably stratified homogeneous turbulence Racha Nefzi, Taieb Lili, Brahim Ben Beya absent
179 Natural Convection Flow in 3D Cubic Cavity Differentially Heated Maroua Nefzi, Nader Ben-Cheikh, Brahim Ben-Beya absent
180 Optimal Sizing of a Grid-Connected Hybrid Power System Dedicated to the Building Hatem Oueslati, Salah Ben Mabrouk absent
182 Multi-level Dual-Input Dual-Buck Inverter (MDDI) for Thermoelectric-Generator Interface Applications Hamza ALLOUI, Abderraouf DJENADBIA, Fayçal BENYAMINA, Farid KHOUCHA Cancelled
212 Study and simulation of islanding detection methods at the MV grids Sid Ahmed TADJER, Lamia Hassas, Idir Habi, Mohamed El-Ganaoui, Angel Scipioni absent
107   Modeling of Horizontal Ground Source Heat Pump System for heating a Glass Greenhouse   Ridha CHARGUI, Aman allah guizani Cancelled
115   COMPONENTS ASSIGNMENT PROBLEM FOR STOCHASTIC-FLOW NETWORKS SUBJECT TO TOTAL LEAD TIME   Abdullah Aissou, Abdelhamid Daamouche, Moatamad Refaat Hassan Cancelled
12   Prevention of Non-Technical Losses in Pakistan Using Smart Meters   Faiza Ahmad, Adnan Yousaf, Zia Hameed, Mufaaza Tahir Cancelled
121   Power Control Of Fuel Cell Connected To Power System   glaoui hachemi, dehini rachid Cancelled
13   Impact of STATCOM on Voltage Stability of Fixed Speed Wind Farms   Oluwagbenga Apata, David Oyedokun Cancelled
137   Evaluation of the Inertial Response of Variable Speed Wind Turbines Based on DFIG using Backstepping for a Frequency Control   Noureddine ELMOUHI, Ahmed ESSaADKI, Hind ELAIMANI, Rachid CHAKIB Cancelled
138   The Modified Sliding Mode Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion During a Voltage Dip   Hind Elaimani, Ahmed Essadki, Noureddine Elmouhi, Rachid Chakib Cancelled
139   Sensorless vector control of the IM drives for an urban electric vehicle using Luenberger observer with fuzzy adaptation mechanism   Asma Boulmane, Youssef Zidani Cancelled
140   Improvement of the Indirect Filed Oriented Control for IM drives using Fuzzy controllers Application to hybrid electric vehicles   Youssef Zidani, Asma Boulmane Cancelled
161   A Comparative Study on the Impact of Grid Code Regulations on Stability of Wind Integrated Power System   Hazem Karbouj, Zakir Hussain Rather Cancelled
162   A conceptual framework for the integrated studies of energy transformation in smart cities   Guodong Sun Cancelled
167   Microgrid Optimal Energy Management using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm   Ayoub TANI, farid KHOUCHA, hamza ALLOUI Cancelled
17   Control of a Hybrid PV-Fuel Cell Energy Storage   Tourkia Lajnef, Bessem Omri, Lassaad SBITA Cancelled
173   Experimental Study on Productivity of Different Designs of Solar Stills   Ahmad Awad, Abdullah Olimat, Omar Badran, Anwar AlMofleh, Hamid AlAhmadi Cancelled
181   Impact of Moroccan Thermal Regulation for Construction on energy efficiency in a residential building: application in Marrakech climate   Soukaina Ait bouyahia, Mohammed Boukendil, Abdelhalim Abdelbaki, Zaki Zrikem Cancelled
182   Multi-level Dual-Input Dual-Buck Inverter (MDDI) for Thermoelectric-Generator Interface Applications   Hamza ALLOUI, Abderraouf DJENADBIA, Fayçal BENYAMINA, Farid KHOUCHA Cancelled
183   Feasibility of Generating Renewable Energy from Wastewater Treatment Process Using Microbial Fuel Cells: Palestine as Case Study   Marwan Haddad, Odai Joudeh Cancelled
19   Degradation analysis of m-c-Si PV modules after long term exposure under desert climate   Ahmed Bouraiou, Ammar Neçaibia, Rachid Dabou, Abderrezzaq Ziane, Nordine Sahouane, Seyfallah Khelifi Cancelled
207   Exergetic and economic analysis for single pass RO with PX poweresd by ORC using brackish water   Nuri Mohamed Eshoul Cancelled
22   Impact of weather and climate on the performance of PV modules in rural area of Algeria   Mohamed Blal Cancelled
221   The Life Cycle Sustainability framework of Cyprus Energy Resources   Michail Tsangas, Antonis Zorpas, Mejdi Jeguirim Cancelled
26   Influence of the temperature and the concentration of methanol on a direct methanol fuel cell   medkour mihoub, Abderrazak Allali Cancelled
27   A New Multiplexed–First–Stage Sequential Hybrid MPPT Approach for Photovoltaic Systems   Muhy Eddin Za'ter, Majd Ghazi Batarseh Cancelled
 A survey: optimal intelligent management strategies devoted to smart grids   arwa benfarhat, adnane Cherif Cancelled
36   A new method based on neural networks to maximize power transfer in a hydrogen production system   Abdelhamid MRAOUI, Abdallah KHELLAF Cancelled
39   Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles in Residential Area   Soumia Ayyadi Cancelled
 Related review on the state of the art of the smart grids   arwa benfarhat, Adnane cherif Cancelled
47   Heat and mass transfer of a granular bed during heat treatment   Kraiem Amal, Khemiri Jalila Cancelled
51   Implementation of Microgrid, its Policies, Incentives and Barriers in Developing Countries   Adnan Yousaf, Basit Ali Khan, Usman Bashir, Faiza Ahmad Cancelled
 Status of renewable energy in Algeria   Ahmed Bouraiou, Ammar Neçaibia, Rachid Dabou, Nordine Sahouane, Abderrezzaq Ziane, Mohamed Blal Cancelled
64   Magneto hydrodynamic convection inside square cylinder with hot obstacle   Raoudha Chaabane, Abdelmajid Jemni, Patrick Perré Cancelled
 Sustainable Development in Green Energies, and the Environment   Abdeen Omer Cancelled
73   Experimental Study of photovoltaic module performance under outdoor conditions coupling with PEM electrolyzer in the region of Ouargla)   Narimane KHELFAOUI Cancelled
78   Reduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) from Photovoltaic Waste-Water   Ikermoud Dalila, Drouiche Nadjib, Aoudj Salah Cancelled
 HYPOTHETICAL DYSON   Krishna Dhonddev, Yogesh Patil Cancelled
80   Study and simulation of photovoltaic systems with differences connecting topologies of microinverters configuration   abdelghani CHAHMI Cancelled
81   Optimisation of Photovoltaic Module By DOE   Habbati Bellia Assia, Moulay Fatima Cancelled
82   ROLE OF CATIONIC SURFACTANT IN THE CONTROL OF SILVER NANOPARTICLES SIZE   Wiem Meddeb, Anouar Hajjaji, Khaled Trabelsi, Brahim Bessais Cancelled
 Combustion characteristics and emissions of diesel engine using organic germanium-diesel fuel blends   Abdullah Adam, Syuhaida Asri Cancelled



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